Westmoor Natural Science & Ecology Park

Westmoor Natural Science & Ecology Park

Guided Ecological Education


LocationNew Hartford, Connecticut, USA
ClientCity of Hartford
Size168 acres

Westmoor Park is a 168-acre educational and recreational setting where visitors are encouraged to experience the natural world about them with the guidance of interpretive personnel. The park includes four separate areas, one of which is an Administration and Reception area with facilities for drop-off, group orientation, and parking. The Natural Science and Ecology area contains diverse habitats for floral and faunal species in standing and running water, floodplain and upland areas, and includes photography blinds, nesting areas, fisheries, vegetative communities, and interpretive stations located along a system of trails and bridged walkways. The Demonstration Farm incorporates functions designed to allow public participation in farming activities, while the horticulture area emphasizes native New England species in a variety of exterior garden displays, with a large hexagonal glass-domed greenhouse serving as an exhibition space.

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