Downtown Flushing Framework

Downtown Flushing Framework

Knitting Together Disparate Elements for a Cohesive, Opportunity-Laden Whole


LocationFlushing, New York, USA
ClientNew York Economic Development Corporation

The development framework for Downtown Flushing seizes on the unique and significant attributes of the area and connects them into a cohesive whole, implementing improvements to the public realm and incentivizing high-quality private development.  The framework builds upon the rich history and cultural diversity of Downtown Flushing; the study area currently enjoys a robust local economy and a regional identity as a center of Asian cuisine and food markets.

The overarching vision of Downtown Flushing consists of four interrelated components intended to capitalize on the area’s vitality, transportation assets, and potential as a regional retail and entertainment destination.  The strengths of the traditional downtown core, centered at Main Street and Roosevelt Avenue, will be consolidated through transportation and streetscape improvements.  The plan is to further reconnect this core to a redeveloped riverfront with new retail and residential options, as well as public access to the water.  The vision includes connections to close but difficult-to-access amenities such as Flushing Meadows Corona Park and encourages rediscovery of it waterfront, inclusive of a proposed walkway and habitat corridor along the Willet Point Waterfront.

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