Schuylkill Yards Highline Plaza

Schuylkill Yards Highline Plaza



LocationPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania United States
Size.5 acre

Highline Plaza at Schuylkill Yards will transform an underutilized surface parking lot into a vibrant landscape of connection that celebrates the distinctive infrastructure of the CSX highline and the adjacent railyards between two distinguished new skyscrapers designed by PAU Architecture and HDR. The half-acre plaza will be highly programmed, with active and passive elements including outdoor dining, pop-up retail, custom furniture and design elements inspired by the rail history of the site, a raised wooden deck and perch to watch the plaza and railyards, a water feature, and an interactive light art installation. A canopy beneath the CSX highline will protect pedestrians from the industrial elements and create a sheltered space for gatherings and activities while allowing the authentic materiality of the highline to shine. Highline Plaza will establish a shared identity for 3025 and 3001 JFK Boulevard and a sense of connection between the buildings and the urban context: as the future Woodland Walk terminus relating to Drexel Square, the Bulletin Building, and the 30th Street Station.

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