Abdallah Labib

Abdallah Labib

Phone No212.684.9230

Abdallah Labib, PLA, ASLA, LEED AP


Abdallah is a landscape architect and urban designer who offers more than ten years of experience. Prior to Joining SWA/Balsley Mr.Labib worked as project group leader at firms such as Sites International and Dar Group , where he had worked on a variety of campuses, residential, mixed-use, airport, seaport, recreational, health and streetscape projects. His work involved all design phases from analysis and concepts through to site supervision and project coordination for projects ranging from large master-planned communities to small open spaces. He considered himself fortunate to work with great people to create unique environments all around the world with a focus on the artistic, graphics and collaborative aspects of the design process. His work spans a wide range of projects in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Angola, Ghana, Haiti, Egypt, Russia, China and the US. Through his academic and professional experience, he believes landscape as green infrastructure can provide a broad range of environmental, social and economic benefits to build a resilient community, and transform how we envisage urban design in the future.